Fleet Fuel Services - Asset Tracking

fleet card and fuel dispensing solutionsMansfield has a fleet customer with a site that was a chronic "drive-off" location. Even though the busses had breakaways, trucks were driving away with hoses. Of course, drivers denied that they were doing this. But, the action was costing our customer's site an average of about $500 a month.

Mansfield recommended that they install a dispersal monitoring system. This system could not only identify who was driving off, but could also provide a great deal of additional information, such as the driver, vehicle, organization, and transaction number; quantity and product type; pump number, price, and time of day; and the vehicle's mileage, PIN, card, key, and retail card numbers. The customer asked Mansfield to submit a proposal from our construction group, and we were hired to install their new PIN number dispersal monitoring system.

After we completed our onsite employee training for this system, there were no more drive-offs and the customer was able to eliminate four hours per week of fleet administration. The system provided all of the necessary information electronically and in a convenient report format.